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Octopus _ New game for Amstrad GX4000 and CPC+

Oldschool design & graphics as Game & Watch classic game "Octopus"

adaptation for Amstrad GX4000 / CPC+ .

Screens and GFX : Eric "TiTan" Cubizolle

Musics : SuTeKH / EpyteoR

Code & Project : Cyrille "Ayor61" Gouret   ( GGP   team )

Flash dev on Amstrad and Beta delivery for Amstrad Eterno 2021

"Oldschool" Version is done and ready.

Under Devellopment:

-Intro with sequenced screens and music

-Second version of Octopus will come as "Deluxe version" for a real Amstrad Graphics and design.  (Mode 0 with >20 Colors)

With same team. Final GX4000 / CPC+    CPR Cartridge

Cartridge project will pack the 2 Octopus version :

This "Oldschool" Game and Watch Design


an upcoming "Deluxe" Octopus game design Full new Amstrad Design ( with same Team)

More info on Amstradiens Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/amstr...

StatusIn development
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Tags8-Bit, Amstrad CPC, amstradiens, dev, games, Indie, Retro


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I ´m looking forward for this game. amstradman2020@gmail.com

Thanks ! Coming soon with the 2 finished versions packed in one cartridge :)